Bus Tracking

School bus, OMNI/Travels, Truck, Lorry, Delivery Vans, Bike trackers available


You do not have to wait on the road for school bus coming for pickup/drop anymore. See your school, college buses on mobile/PC and get ready when bus nearing your location. Don’t know how to track your school bus? please contact your school admin.

Contact support@bluedot.me if you want to introduce this service for your school!

Key Features in Bus Tracking

  • Android App for tracking
  • Create your own broadcast for sharing location
  • Share current location on Email, FaceBook, whatsapp and other social medias
  • Follow Unlimited number of people and vehicles
  • 100% secure with a password
  • Custom alerts for arrival notification
  • Over speed Alerts for all broadcasts
  • Ring-me-up alerts for nearing locations
  • Live Group Chat!

Get Started!

We have special packages for schools and colleges, contact us for more details.